Instrument your Ruby app using openTelemetry and export traces to Aspecto's collector.

Install Opentelemetry SDK and instrumentations

gem install opentelemetry-sdk
gem install opentelemetry-exporter-otlp
gem install opentelemetry-instrumentation-all

Initialize Opentelemetry

Add a rails initializer file opentelemetry.rb under config/initializers with the content:

require 'opentelemetry/sdk'
require 'opentelemetry/exporter/otlp'
require 'opentelemetry/instrumentation/all'
OpenTelemetry::SDK.configure do |c |
  c.service_name = '#{YOUR_SERVICE_NAME}'
  c.use_all() # enables all instrumentation!
  c.add_span_processor( '', headers: {
        'Authorization' => '#{YOUR_ASPECTO_TOKEN}'

You need to substitute the values #{YOUR_SERVICE_NAME} with the name of your service, and #{YOUR_ASPECTO_TOKEN} with a token you can find here

Custom Attributes

Collect extra data in your app's code via custom key-value attributes. You can later view this data in Aspecto, and search on it.

require 'opentelemetry'

# anywhere in your code
OpenTelemetry::Trace.current_span.set_attribute('', 'attribute value')

Attribute name can be any static string, recommended to be namespaced with dot notation (<company>.<scope>.<name>), for example: "", "my_company.tier", "my_company.features.promotion".

Attribute value can be any string, number, boolean or array of these

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