Google Cloud Functions

Instrument Aspecto on Google Cloud Functions

Aspecto supports instrumenting Google Cloud Functions (GCF) using an HTTP trigger. To do so, set up Aspecto as you'd usually do, and extract the gcf utility:

const { gcf } = require('@aspecto/opentelemetry')();

Next, wrap your function handler definition with the returned utility. Example:

// Before
exports.myEndpoint = (req, res) => { ... };

// After
exports.myEndpoint = gcf((req, res) => { ... });

If your export is an express app, you can still wrap it with the gcf utility, like this:

const { gcf } = require('@aspecto/opentelemetry')();
const express = require('express');

const app = express();
app.use('/users/:id', getUser);
app.use('/users/', getAllUsers);

// Set your GCF handler to your Express app and wrap it with the "gcf" utility.
exports.users = gcf(app);

Note: if your GCF is not deployed with a package.json file, make sure to provide the serviceName option when initializing Aspecto.

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