Aspecto Overview

👁 Visualize Complex Traces

The Aspecto diagram shows the relations between services, the order of activities in a trace, and provides a clear picture of the app's architecture. Aspecto also displays the entire route of any message sent through Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS, and other sorts of message brokers.

📈 Optimize Performance

The timeline displays the order of activities and displays how much time each activity took, making it easy to identify bottlenecks.

🗺 Follow a Parameter's Journey

Any parameter that appears inside a trace can be easily found: where it started, which components passed it along, and where it ended. This journey is visually marked on the graph and can be inspected inside each component's payload.

🔎 Troubleshoot Issues in Staging and Production

Aspecto collects all trace data including requests, queries, and different types of data, then correlates it to logs and metrics. Beyond traditional logs, Aspecto allows you to easily search payloads, DB queries, async messages, and more, without being dependent on developers inserting logs in the correct places.

👋 Help New Developers Onboard Easily

New developers that join the team can get familiar with the app by inspecting microservices interactions. Each trace can be viewed separately, or as a part of the entire local data architecture. This makes it much easier to grasp how each service works and interacts with other services in the app.

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