AWS Lambda

Instrument your AWS Lambda using Aspecto

Aspecto supports instrumenting AWS Lambdas. There are 2 possible ways to do so:

In your lambda src folder, create a file to initialize aspecto, such as aspecto-wrapper.js :

// aspecto-wrapper.js example
const instrument = require('@aspecto/opentelemetry');

    aspectoAuth: '*your-token-goes-here*',
    env: 'production',
    serviceName: 'your-lambda-name'

In your Lambda function configuration, add or update the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable to require the wrapper, e.g.: NODE_OPTIONS=--require aspecto-wrapper

Option 2: Wrap Lambda handler with function

To do so, set up Aspecto as you'd usually do, and extract the returned lambda utility:

const instrument = require('@aspecto/opentelemetry');
const { lambda } = instrument(myConfig);

Next, wrap your function handler definition with the returned utility.


// Before
module.exports.myCallbackHandler = (event, context, callback) => { ... };
module.exports.myAsyncHandler = async (event, context) => { ... };

// After
module.exports.myCallbackHandler = lambda((event, context, callback) => { ... });
module.exports.myAsyncHandler = lambda(async (event, context) => { ... });

Note: if your lambda is not deployed with a package.json file, make sure to provide the serviceName option when initializing Aspecto.

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