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Instrument your app using the opentelemetry-instrumentation package and export traces to Aspecto's opentelemetry collector.

Install Opentelemetry Instrumentation Packages

pip install opentelemetry-instrumentation
pip install opentelemetry-distro
pip install opentelemetry-exporter-otlp-proto-grpc
To create automatic traces from packages you use in your application (flask, requests, etc), you need to additionally install a relevant instrumentation package. For example, if you use flask in your application, you need to install the package opentelemetry-instrumentation-flask .
To print recommended instrumentation packages based on your active site-packages directory, run:
opentelemetry-bootstrap --action=requirements
To install these packages, run:
opentelemetry-bootstrap --action=install
You can also directly install a specific instrumentation package. A list of community instrumentation packages can be found in the opentelemetry-python-contrib repo here

Running Your App with Auto Instrumentation

You need to setup the following environment variables to export the traces to Aspecto:
  • OTEL_SERVICE_NAME - set to the name of the service
  • OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS - set to Authorization=${YOUR_ASPECTO_TOKEN} . You can get your token here.
Then, run your app with the opentelemetry-instrument command:
opentelemetry-instrument python
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