How it works

How Aspecto shows you the flows within your applications


Aspecto uses OpenTelemetry to collect information about the flows in your applications. OpenTelemetry is based on distributed tracing, which is a method used to profile and monitor applications, especially those built using a microservices architecture. This information is forwarded to Aspecto. In Aspecto, it is analyzed and rendered into Live Flow and other visualizations that you can use to understand and debug the actions in your applications down to component levels.


When you use Aspecto, your application is instrumented with our Node.js SDK (see Install). Aspecto supports a number of Node.js libraries. As they are imported into your application, Aspecto automatically includes additional telemetry instrumentation plugin modules for them.

These libraries are supported:

  • http

  • https

  • express

  • mongoose

  • ioredis

  • aws-sdk

  • kafkajs

  • typeorm

  • sequelize

Some of the plugins were developed by Aspecto and available as open-source. Check them out here: