Setting Up

Use Aspecto to uncover flows and visualize data in production environments

You can use Aspecto in production environments, to improve your debugging capabilities. You can use the following:

  • Search for flows, and then examine them for details:

  • See flows related to log events you are examining:

Configure for Deployed Environments

To view flows in production environments, follow these steps to instrument your application to send opentelemetry information to Aspecto. When activating, set{local:false}:

require('@aspecto/opentelemetry')({ local: false });

Aspecto uses information from .git folder to extract a gitHash of the service that is being instrumented. If you don't have this folder in your docker container, you can specify gitHash manually by setting ASPECTO_GITHASH environment variable. Otherwise, flows for those services will be displayed with the version equal to not-set.

It is also important to have an environment name (production/staging/etc). The SDK uses the NODE_ENV environment variable by default, but you can also specify it manually with the env config option. If neither option or environment variable are specified, filtering by environment won't work, since all flows will be under the same environment (equal to not-set).